Best Liquor Store in Olathe, KS

Beer and Tailgating have been the ideal pair for many years.  Trailergating is no exception to this.  The Trailergating Trailer has 2 keg taps built into the design to make enjoying your favorite brew even better.  Finding that perfect brew to bring in a keg can be a challenge but doesn’t have to be.  Our friends at Brown Bag Liquor have been providing us with the perfect selection of Kegged beer for many years.  Located at 195 N. Parker Rd in Olathe, KS next to Price Chopper Brown Bag Liquor boasts a 10,000 sqft store with a huge selection of wine, spirits and Craft Beers.  Most liquor stores will have a Bud Light or Miller light in a keg ready to buy, but you have to special order anything else.  On Many occasions we have found Brown Bag Liquor to have a wider selection of keg beer on hand and able to order in almost any brew in a keg within 1-3 days.  If you have a party and not sure what to serve the staff at Brown Bag Liquor is very knowledgeable and can help find the right mix of wine, spirits and craft brews to make your party a success.  Stop in Brown Bag Liquor or look them up on facebook, tell them Trailergating sent you.

Brown Bag Picture

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