Danny Talks Trailergating

tailgatingThere are few things more fun than spending time with friends and family. Now, if you locate that time together outside the stadium where your favorite college, semi-pro or Pro-team is about to play and it is even more fun!  As I have been involved in more and more Trailergating/Tailgating events, I have noticed a few things; tailgating before a game is a very social event.


Experiences From the Road

The people around you are always friendly, even if they are fans of the opposing team. They share their games, grill tongs and even their beer! The difference with a Trailergating event and your standard tailgating is your potential friends extend much further than just the people next to you; people want to be a part of the best and Trailergating is always the best is the area. I have seen people stop as they drive by and even walk across an entire lot just to see the trailer up close.

That is exactly what we experienced at the University of Arkansas as the original party of 6 quickly grew to 45!  The group of 16 next to us joined because their tent blew away twice and their hibachi grill would not stay lit. All the people that joined the group also brought food and beverage to share. So, the original 6 even had leftovers at the end of the night.


Where to Park the TG Trailer?

We have had some discussion about where do you park for Trailergating. I will say every stadium and venue is different, but by far the best I have seen is The University of Arkansas. We always like to be as close to the stadium or venue as possible which when it comes to colleges that is not at all easy.

When I learned we would be parking next to the baseball stadium and not the football stadium I was disappointed. That did not last long however, the lot quickly filled up with thousands of people ready to have a great time! Soon, we were told about the shuttles the University of Arkansas runs from the lot we were in to about 10 feet from the stadium gate.

Then to make it even better, after the game you walk out of the stadium onto the bus which takes you back to your personal vehicle. This is the most accommodating setup I have seen at any pro or college event. Our group didn’t leave the parking lot immediately though, we took advantage and partied until the traffic cleared. I think that every organization (I won’t name names) can learn from this and make efforts to improve. Tailgating is only going to continue to grow so the venues need to embrace it like The University of Arkansas has.

I am excited to see the reactions to the TG trailer as we visit different venues this weekend, we will be enjoying ourselves at the American Royal Barbecue Competition Friday night. Then, traveling up to Ames Iowa to Trailergate with Cyclone fans.

To book your next event, contact the Trailergating team, today!

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